Thursday, August 24, 2006

Post-its in the morning!

Post-its in the evening!
Post-its at suppertime!

That second post it was cribbed from one of Joe Cappabianca's designs.

I think we can all agree that Post-its are sweet

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

just some lil ol' drawins

I've been busy lately, trying to move into a new place, etc etc. But I've also been drawing a lot. here's some of the fun stuff:

This is Bug, a character I've had since 5th grade, but he's grown up now. He lives in the same world as IG from the last entry, they they aren't aquaintences. Bug is misanthropy personified but he wonders why he doesn't have more friends.

Cherry. From a comic I used to do. This pose is really generic. I want to return to this comic someday but I don't think I can draw it like I used to. She's looking at something. Yeah.

Here's a weird nerd that I've been re-designing for a few years now. I don't really know what his deal is. He's got an obsession with a mid-90s educational japanese cartoon named "SEX-BOTS" and he's trying his hardest to get it released on DVD.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Just a quick color job for a character design I'm working on-

Her name's Idaho Gajendra but her friends call her IG. She goes to technical school to learn sound design but she thinks it was a huge mistake.

second post

Here's some recent doodles wot I dun:

The phrase "deer poop" was coined by yours truly some 2 years ago. Or maybe 1 year ago? I forget which. Anyway this was some girl on the bus who was talking really loud.

This is my dog. I spent the weekend at my parents' and I hung out with her most of the time.

post-it note at work, fanart of Candi by my friend Starline

Uh I have some other drawings too but I'll post them later!

first post

Some stuff about myself:
Sometimes I have trouble drawing exactly whats in my mind because I don't have as much technical skill as my friends do. This bolg will be an attempt to challenge myself or something.