Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another one

Been busy on all manner of stuff lately. But I worked a little harder on this quickie, there's some movement whoa mama!

Monday, February 04, 2008

nockFORCE political production blog

I guess I should just call this the "nockFORCE production blog" shouldn't I? Two goodies today:

Don't forget to vote! Super Tomorrow is primary voting for Brooklyn and most of America which is the perfect time to roll out a political nockFORCE short:

This one was great fun, because I got to do some caricatures, something I've been trying to improve on. Huckabee was the most fun to draw hands down! Rebecca helped me get these to look good, but after looking at it for a while I hate the Giuliani one. Shouldve made his forehead bigger- he's got this whole Nosferatu thing going on and I neglected that!

Here's something nock-related for you for non-political people!

It's not completely finished but it's all there! I was going to attempt to draw these characters on paper and ink them, but doing these guys non-digital just doesn't look right. I designed them in flash, and I draw them in flash every week. My only option was to do a composite of a lot of different flash elements. The background for the lower half of the poster is a rehash of some of this stuff.

Those characters at the bottom? Two of them were in the short pilot! Maybe we'll see more of them soon...?