Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i have a need to cut loose!!!

okay let's animate something straight ahead with no planning!!

YEAH! Have a good new year see you in 2010

Thursday, December 17, 2009

post-it green geek


Monday, December 14, 2009

The Midriffs


sassy and pink!

theyre 5 cool teens looking for fun!

and they've got a passionable for all things fashionable!


here's their original appearance in this goofy video i animated almost 2 years ago:

(in the original they had no lower bodies.)

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THE VENTURE BROS: Pinstripes and Poltergeists

Whaaaat? Season Finale already? That doesn't make sense at all, how can this be the Season Finale!? Oh. That's because it's not. It's just the end of the first "half". Half. Half-season. Half-Season Finale.

Whaaaat? Half-Season Finale already? No time to waste let's do this thing!

Bored Monarchs.

There's a crazy part in this episode that I don't have any drawings of- I directed a sequence with the Monarch-mobile flying around and stuff. And eMation made the vehicle CG! What!!! That was crazy! I should just start putting notes like "please make this CG and really awesome" on the X-Sheets somewhere.

Now here's some sarcastic Monarchs.
Dr. Girlfriend and 21.
Henchman Eye Theory:
No floating eyebrows!! This aint Garfield.
Mask eyeholes changing shape = yes!
Brow-indents and stress marks around the eyeholes = OK!
Blinking eyeholes = surprisingly yes, this is ok sometimes. I know, weird right?

Hm... ok really it's just floating eyebrows that are verboten I guess. Well that's an important rule.

Okay! Hope you enjoyed this ep! It was pretty great I think. As always, credit to the many writers, designers, storyboard artists, revisionists, colorists, background artists, and everyone else who's work I piggyback off of. Also the three other animation directors(Kimson Jen and Nick) who I split this job with.

Also this is the second time I've mentioned this but you should check out Shivers DeStephano's blog to see what the full boards look like if you haven't already.

It's been a fun half-season. If I have the time I'll def try to do this for the back eight.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Idaho Gajendra

this is an old character i'm takin another crack at

also, here's some of tonight's brush warm-ups:

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

mr foonble

Monday, December 07, 2009


Okay so we're back after a lil hiatus. LET'S GO!

First up, some Orpheus. He's been scarce this season but finally we get to draw him! Here he is, putting one of those tall candles in the ground. Also Triana.

Publick acted out those top three drawings for me, it was hilarious. I tried to make the facial expressions wide-eyed instead of seductive. The Master is just having fun. And teaching O a valuable lesson.

Teleportation effects! Yeah!! They look badass!!

Until they fall on their face!

Misc. bits and pieces.

Hope you enjoyed the episode!!! Storyboard artists and revisionists pulled thru bigtime as always, there's some really good effects and monsters and all that fun stuff.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


the puffball bros.

Monday, November 23, 2009


No pictures this week! Sorry I just don't have the material. This is not a bad thing. The job of "animation director" is all about adapting a storyboard to the inflexibility of time. The storyboard needs tweaking because of this(tho I am not in the business of "fixing" boards, the board revisionists do that). In addition to timing out all of the action, I "plus" boards so the acting and emoting reads better onscreen.

The latest episode of Venture Bros, "Self-Medication", needed pretty much no plus-ing. It's probably one of the most amazing boards from this season, rife with specific character acting and well-composed shots. I added some stuff but it's nothing compared to the rest of the board. Yes it's that good, so I have nothing to show!!

While you're here though you should go to Siobahn DeStefano's blog, she's posted up some boards from this season and you should check em out! theyre awesome!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Museum Weekend

on a completely unrelated and much less classy note I found some weird moby drawings, they were planning for that music video.

THE VENTURE BROS: The Revenge Society

Let's go! Yeah! Let's do it! Phantom Limb's getting his revenge this week! Revenge!

Best thing about council of 13 scenes: they're silhouettes! all you gotta do is "head tilt left" and "head nods" and stuff. Until the lights turn on and the dudes get clotheslined. Ouch!

FIGHT SCENE! This part went by quick but this move was cool right? I hope so! I drew these poses for it!

We usually shy away from those corny too-much-anticipation-animationy-Don Bluthesque-"acting" poses but Sgt. Hatred's personality calls for them. Jennifer Batinich Martinez-Joffre (one of the other animation directors, and newly married!!) animated the best Hatred stuff in the past so I look to her scenes for reference.

Some Hanks! Trying my hardest to make him angsty and rebellious.

MISC! Two heads ARE better than one!

as always, super props to the board artists and revisionists. on the shoulders of giants.

Hope you liked the ep! YEAH! VENTURE BROS!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moby- One Time We Lived (music video)

Earlier this year i took a job doing some short animations for Moby with Robert Powers. those seemed to go over well because Moby asked us to return and animate full music videos! This is the one I worked on:

I was tasked with animating the dancing cycles but was given the restriction of making it fit within a more simple, "flash-puppety" style. It was a tight deadline, and doing flash puppets and making them look good is difficult. I'd rather just do new off-model drawings than slide elements around. eventually I ended up just animating the dancing normally and then cleaning them up so that they'd look like flash puppetry. the most fun part of this was animating the transitions between cycles. the face was then just added on top. (i did the lipsync and facial expressions as well)

Monday, November 09, 2009

THE VENTURE BROS: Return To Malice

New episode! YEAH!!!! Let's do it!!!

ABOVE: 21's new look! He's still as goony as he used to be but in a big hulking way. I'm all for it!
Dinner conversation at home with the Monarchs.
Hatred's angry about something. Dude's got some real issues. Also there's some bored Doc Venture drawings.
Oh man this scene. It looks kind of weird on air because the underwear that we drew on the boards ended up being very different than the final colored version, so Digital eMation probably had a tough time matching our drawings to the design. Well I just dedicated a lot of thought to a cartoon woman's underwear, thank you i'll be here all week.
FACES!! Faces. Doin' what they want to, accenting dialogue or punctuating a scene. Do you like any of these faces?

Hope you liked the episode. As always big props to the board artists and revisionists. More next week.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

THE VENTURE BROS: Perchance to Dean

Yeah! Let's make this concise!

A few Docs!

Hank hocks a loogie
D-19 is creepy. look at his face
Dermott expressions
D-19 is pretty cute sometimes though. You really grow to like hi
Uh oh!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

THE VENTURE BROS: Handsome Ransom

Boy howdy, seems like jest last week I was a-watchin da venture bruvvurs sayin "whoa mama i should blog some a' my post-it notes and drawings from dat" so's i waddled over to my computer and jammed my fat fingers into my keyboard, splintering it betwixt my calloused paws. Hm. I'm not sure where I was going with that. Well here we are, episode 40 (first produced this season)

Okay so I was excited to be back to directing but man I was rusty(and I don't mean Venture)... dig it:

Monarch going on some epic rant. These were my first Monarch drawings in a few months and woof look at the beak i gave him. Motherfucker looks like Doug Funnie.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch!

Captain Sunshine is a new character, I had a lot of fun trying to give him some nice poses! I wanted to make him a little manic in this scene.

BILLY OVERLOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!... I was really into drawing the cute Billys for some reason. I think I was on a real Quizboy kick. As I mentioned in an old post, the dancing scene is based off of poses by Stephen DeStefano... as soon as I saw his drawings I wanted to be the one to direct them, they were hilarious. I directed the dance in a really weird jerky way. hope it was funny!

This episode was a good one to start on. It has one of my favorite lines this season:
"Shit! It's Chuck Scarsdale! Hide or we're gonna be on the news!"

As always, big ups to the board artists and revisionists who give me the gaps to fill in. One love.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapter Two start!!!!

So like I was sayin, I'm continuing that 3 page comic I done a while back. I've done 2 new pages, which this is the first of! I've pencilled two more but they aint anywhere close to done! They need inkin! Comics is hard work!!! I also might give em greytones.

See every page so far on this "secret" site right here! pew pew pew

one love

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


She's dressed like she's on vacation or going to the club, but she's here to work.

He's not really interested though.

"All these tests sound like a lot of work... I don't wanna do it"

He's ugly, uneducated, and doesn't care at all. That's... oddly charming.

Uh oh, I think I know where this is headed...