Sunday, October 25, 2009

THE VENTURE BROS: Handsome Ransom

Boy howdy, seems like jest last week I was a-watchin da venture bruvvurs sayin "whoa mama i should blog some a' my post-it notes and drawings from dat" so's i waddled over to my computer and jammed my fat fingers into my keyboard, splintering it betwixt my calloused paws. Hm. I'm not sure where I was going with that. Well here we are, episode 40 (first produced this season)

Okay so I was excited to be back to directing but man I was rusty(and I don't mean Venture)... dig it:

Monarch going on some epic rant. These were my first Monarch drawings in a few months and woof look at the beak i gave him. Motherfucker looks like Doug Funnie.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch!

Captain Sunshine is a new character, I had a lot of fun trying to give him some nice poses! I wanted to make him a little manic in this scene.

BILLY OVERLOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!... I was really into drawing the cute Billys for some reason. I think I was on a real Quizboy kick. As I mentioned in an old post, the dancing scene is based off of poses by Stephen DeStefano... as soon as I saw his drawings I wanted to be the one to direct them, they were hilarious. I directed the dance in a really weird jerky way. hope it was funny!

This episode was a good one to start on. It has one of my favorite lines this season:
"Shit! It's Chuck Scarsdale! Hide or we're gonna be on the news!"

As always, big ups to the board artists and revisionists who give me the gaps to fill in. One love.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapter Two start!!!!

So like I was sayin, I'm continuing that 3 page comic I done a while back. I've done 2 new pages, which this is the first of! I've pencilled two more but they aint anywhere close to done! They need inkin! Comics is hard work!!! I also might give em greytones.

See every page so far on this "secret" site right here! pew pew pew

one love

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


She's dressed like she's on vacation or going to the club, but she's here to work.

He's not really interested though.

"All these tests sound like a lot of work... I don't wanna do it"

He's ugly, uneducated, and doesn't care at all. That's... oddly charming.

Uh oh, I think I know where this is headed...

Monday, October 19, 2009

the lightgivers


...yeah. don't worry about that last one

VB UPDATE: Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel

Oh hey. Venture Bros is back on the air and I am back with some direction updates! Here's a bunch of stuff from the season 4 premiere(which was actually the 7th episode to be produced for this season, go figure):

LIGHTNING EFFECTS!!!! After last season's craziness with lasers and explosions all over the place, the overseas studio laid down the law and said "Only fire and smoke!" All other effects we do had to be pre-designed by our team, no adlibs on their part. I'm gonna guess and say the final lightning effects were designed by Liz Artinian

EDIT: Correction!! the original effects were drawn on the boards (thanks Siobahn!!) and then the final prop was designed by Carly!

Dudes gettin electrocuted

Cardholder eats the new Giant Boy Detective. In the face

Hank is such a sass machine. Lately he is my favorite character. Maybe because he is easy to draw.

The best Brock.

A heartwarming father-son exchange. This episode (hopefully you've gotten to see it by now) has a really well done unconventional shifting narrative. Hank's hair length is the key to figuring out the order of the scenes. Peedee (the production manager) had a hell of a time figuring out which hair goes where but I think it all makes sense. Right?

Big props to the storyboard artists and revisionists who provide the original material for me to time and plus.

Hope you enjoyed it!! I'll try to keep up with the episode airings.

Friday, October 16, 2009


just some warmups

oh and also i made a reel of some of scenes i directed for Venture bros: