Friday, March 12, 2010

oh yeah! adventure time!

Oh right I should probably say something about this on my blog. This past month, I left NYC and my favorite show The Venture Bros. :(

...for LA to work on Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time With Finn and Jake"! It's been a big bowl of culture-shock since then but boy howdy I'm having a lot of fun and learning a lot of new stuff. This show has a talented and dedicated staff, every day it seems like I meet another genius. It officially comes out on April 5th but they're showing preview episodes on CN now. I really like the show- the designs, color and timing are really crazy and the humor isn't condescending, sarcastic or mean- it's prob the most earnest kid's show I've seen.

I'm getting settled out here so expect more posts soon. New comics are coming, too! Sadly I think nockFORCE is done so I need a new project.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

please understand me