Wednesday, July 21, 2010

whoa hey Minicomic at SDCC!

So I'm gonna have lots of copies of my new comic TENT SALE at San Diego Comic-con this weekend! I don't have a table or anything though. I'm just now realizing that I don't know how anyone reading this will find me if they want it. Welp! I'll probably be at the Adventure Time and Venture Bros panels. And you know, maybe you happen to see me and we can trade! I'll be around. Or not. Whatever! I'll put it up online soon anyway.

The comic is a expanded version of a three-pager I did last year. It's not the same as that. I went back and redid stuff and there are a lot of new pages. I'm proud of it but it's my first stab at comics in like 5 years. And this is my first Comic-con in 5 years. So I'm nervous and I feel rusty.

Anyway work on Adventure Time has been all-consuming and I've been pretty silent online for a lil bit. I'm tweetin from time to time at @ianjq

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