Friday, September 17, 2010

VENTURE BROS sketches: The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-Glider

Ohhh my god I forgot about Venture Bros!!! I mean... I didn't forget to watch but I forgot to post sketches from my work on the episode. Some people like to see these. They are so old to me. Oh... I am so nostalgic for New York.

A little background: I was one of four Animation Directors on The Venture Bros. After the storyboards are completed we were tasked with timing out all of the action in the episode as well as clarifying character acting and adding little bits of funny business. Our job builds heavily on the work of the Storyboard Artists and the Storyboard Revisionists. Direction drawings are like the extra spice that punctuate these moments and work toward solidifying the feel of the show.

I only worked on the first 7 episodes of this half-season. I moved out to LA to work on Adventure Time and I missed my chance to work on the season finale extravaganza. (I read the script though and it's gonna be super-badass. Wish I got to work on it.)

Anyway let's get on with it!

Monarch's Butterglider! It's like a weird flying Segway. At least, that's how I thought of it. I also did a cycle for the exhaust when it's not moving. I was really impressed by how this came out, especially the smoke trails when Monarch flies in a circle. Really nice.

Some laser effects. Also some Billys! These are sorta wonky but man Billy was one of the best characters to draw because he's cute.

The Henchman go rogue. On the bottom-right you can see a plan for the order of the darts hitting Hatred's back. No reason it's that order, it's just gotta be planned out somewhere!

A nice detail in this episode. As hatred runs up the Venture Compound stairs, he wildly shoots into the crowd of Rogue Henchmen and nails this dude in the gut. If you can find it in the episode it looks totally brutal. That guy probably had a family! Sad.

Here's some of Hatred flipping out. These drawings of him spinning around wildly and grabbing his gun look very exagerrated. That's not a terrible thing because the overseas studio sometimes underplays the expressiveness of poses.

Okay that's it! Greetz to the VB crew I miss alla yall.

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