Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fang character sketches

Fang is a desert warrior with a cool grenade launcher. She helps our heroes from the shadows and is a beautiful mysterious stranger.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

VENTURE BROS sketches: Season 4.2 M-M-M-MEGAPOST

YO! This is a massive post of sketches from the later half of season 4. Like, a lot of sketches. Alright lets get started!

Pomp & Circuitry

Hank being a sass-machine. I think the stack on the right is him talking about Post-Crisis Batmans.

Dr. Phineas Phage. In this shot the BG was supposed to zoom in the whole time he jumped to take you through the window, but instead it zooms just a little bit and then stops. Well I guess that only bothers me.

Impossible is like a silly putty

I had a lot of fun with Doc on this scene. I like when he pretends to care about something to ride his dad's legacy.

This ep also had an incredible action sequence that I didn't do much on. I tried to step up my rate of work on this season so I could do more scenes but unfortunately I still missed out on a lot of the best stuff. wah

"Every Which Way But Zeus"

21 being badass.

I did some of the Hank/Teddy Ruxpin/Doc interrogations in this ep. It was cool to do acting on Doc because you couldnt see his eyes at all. I tried to get more descriptive with his mouth.

Teddy Ruxpin on the other hand, needed a unique mouth chart because he only has three mouth positions. I think my boss Miguel Martinez-Joffre did those. I tried to also make sure that Teddy's eyes rolled down into his head just like the toy. Buuuut I dunno if that came across in the episode.

And here's Desmond getting punched in the face.

"Everybody Comes to Hank's"

Here's a huge dump of Hanks. This is like everyone's favorite episode this season and I don't blame em, it's got a lot of the Hankinator and some REALLY cute Alchemist stuff. They make a surprisingly good team.

A weird note: The "Butterglider" song sequence from the season premiere was shipped overseas with this episode because the premiere ran long and this ran short. I like that this was a Disney-esque song parody but it was earnest also.

"Bright Lights, Dean City"

A few Phantom Limbs and Incorrigables. Phantom Limb's arm power is an awesome "prop" that we reference every time he uses his power. It's a chart that cycles through bones veins and outer lines with specific instructions on how many frames each is exposed for. So cool.

Doc and the Brown Widow. I tried to get the car to get stuck in the spiderweb in the same exact way as the old Spiderman intro. I guess it's pretty hard to get specifically crappy animation because it looks too well-animated in the show. TOO WELL-ANIMATED!

"Assisted Suicide"

Oh man big 21/Dr. Mrs The Monarch episode!!! I am so happy to draw Dr. Mrs The Monarch as she's one of the few female characters and a consistently confident one at that.

Orpheus!!!! People always complain that there isn't enough Orpheus but Ive always felt that he's the best when he makes a big impression every once in a while instead of every show.

Argh. Notice that all of the doors in the episode all open away from the camera when in most shots (and the design above) the doors on the left should open towards the camera. The doorknob positions would be all wrong, right? I know, I know... it doesn't matter. But it doesn't make any sense.

21's epic speech.

I saw some .gifs of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's cheer routine on the internet like 20 minutes after the episode aired. Blew my mind. That is always like the most surreal thing to me. Anyway I loved doing this scene, I always jump at the chance to animate some dancing! I ended up looking stupid dancing in my chair at my desk trying to figure out the timing. Also people didn't believe me when I said I was looking up videos of cheerleaders for reference.

A Hank zombie. The best zombie.

"The Silent Partners"

I don't actually have a copy of my pages from this board! But I found one thing.

Pirate Captain. I tried to make sure he did this corny arm swing a lot.

Unfortunately this was my last episode. I got the call that I got the job on Adventure Time and the schedule didnt work out for me to be on the hourlong finale. Whoa. That's gonna be the first Venture Bros thing in a while that I'll be watching without having worked on it. Feels weird man. I read the script though and it was GREAT, I can't wait to see it.

I am so sad to not be working on VB any more but if it continues I'd love to go back some day. I learned so much there. VB is so ambitious and I got a chance to animate so many different moods and styles. I feel so lucky that I got to work on it. Thanks to everyone on the whole crew, especially the designers, board artists and revisionists who's art I got to work with. Big thanks to Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick for making the show great.

Thanks for reading!

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