Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Here's some designs for a project I got to do development work on! But they were rejected in favor of my talented friend Joe's much more cartoony designs! Good job Joe!

here's some older stuff I dug up that has nothing to do with anything

some animal-ish character designs I never fleshed out.

early character stuff for a commission I was working on (IN FLASH!). I ended up changing the final design but I always liked these originals. It's really hard for me to make decent looking Flash puppets. This was one of the rare times that it worked out decently.

a sexy belly-dancer design from like 2 years ago. It was for the first professional project I ever directed. :3

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Joe Cappbianca said...

yo man, your designs are awesome man, hopefully spanglers will have a little bit of a lifespan so we all can keep it going. Great work man.