Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Imagination Collaboration!

"Imagine That"

Garrett just posted up this video, which is a film we and Aaron worked on together many moons ago for a PSA contest. God bless youtube. Garrett animated and designed all of the animals and background, and did all of the color styling. I did the design, timing and key animation for the little boy. Aaron did breakdowns, inbetweens and the digital compositing.

i hope you like it


Nombre 5 said...

I may gank some of your breakdown of who did what, infinitely more technical/accurate. Not too mention articulated better. yops.

Tom said...

Great work, Ian. It's really good. I've been a big fan from the early days, and it's cool to see how things have developed after all these years. You style is very loose, I like it.

Adam said...

i always enjoyed this little project - great to see it getting some more exposure!

jimmynock said...

Hey Ian, It was great to see you the other day. Your stuffs looking great as always
Lets grab lunch now that your around the corner
Let me know what's good for you
Glad to see your doing so well