Monday, July 16, 2007


I try to create a piece of artwork for every song. This one is obviously referencing Dragonball Z to go along with the theme of transformation. The song uses a sample from Sailor Moon but come on, I'm not going to draw these characters in skirts.

Another Quickie:

I'm pretty sure it's obvious that we're ripping off home movies here :D

I don't even think I posted this one:


K. Bailey said...

"I'll barf on trains forever"


You guys been listening to Goldie Lookin' Chain. I can kinda here it in your songs.

Andrew Kauervane said...

It is obvious, but the these last 2 shorts have made me laugh so it's all good.

Noser said...

You _will_ draw these characters in skirts. Maybe not soon, but someday. We both know it.

dan said...

Haha, those dinosaurs were the best. The T-rex had me smilin' everytime it was on screen

Bill said...

I'm liking nockforce, it's not bad. Also, I like the Rika minicomic that you put up on rpgworld. It was keen.