Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here we go it's animation time

new nockFORCE and some sketches!

So in working up to this, here's a crappy storyboard:

and here's some character design stuff! Took a while to design this character, here are a bunch of my early tries. They're chronological from left to right.

OH! and a shameless plug! Venture Bros Season 3 trailer:

I directed two of the scenes showing up in here: The one with the pirate captain and the kids, and the first few shots of the OSI sequence! Can't wait for June 1st!


SuperHappy said...

That was completely awesome!

Ditaur said...

See Please Here

ChristianC said...

Hey, ahh...

Hi Ian.

This is probably not very relevant to this particular blog-post, but I'd just like to say Congratulations.

Why? Well, I'm not entirely sure you remember me, and I sincerely hope you don't (I behaved like a retard most of the time), but I used to be a member of your original forum back when you made RPGWorld, and got transfered to RPGWorldWorld, RPGWW.

It's been a while, and honestly I'd kinda forgotten about you and everything, but then I stumbled upon your nockFORCE quickies and my jaw basicly hit the floor and kept going.

Damn! You've gotten so much better I can hardly tell it's you anymore, and landing a job with Venture Bros like that, Congratulations! It's a kickass show, and I'm sure you'll add some more to it.

Basicly I just wanted to say that, and also tell you that I'm a great fan of your new stuff; Even if they're just quickies (though I can't really justify the 'just' in there), the Quickies are fun, well-made and... some other adjective that makes it good.

That's about it anyway; I didn't hang around the new forum back when we got our own, but judging from what I've heard, I'd say I'm glad you decided to focus on real life, it's definitely paid off well. Screw the boltheads and go forth and create class.

//Old Fan ChristianC