Sunday, October 25, 2009

THE VENTURE BROS: Handsome Ransom

Boy howdy, seems like jest last week I was a-watchin da venture bruvvurs sayin "whoa mama i should blog some a' my post-it notes and drawings from dat" so's i waddled over to my computer and jammed my fat fingers into my keyboard, splintering it betwixt my calloused paws. Hm. I'm not sure where I was going with that. Well here we are, episode 40 (first produced this season)

Okay so I was excited to be back to directing but man I was rusty(and I don't mean Venture)... dig it:

Monarch going on some epic rant. These were my first Monarch drawings in a few months and woof look at the beak i gave him. Motherfucker looks like Doug Funnie.
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch!

Captain Sunshine is a new character, I had a lot of fun trying to give him some nice poses! I wanted to make him a little manic in this scene.

BILLY OVERLOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!... I was really into drawing the cute Billys for some reason. I think I was on a real Quizboy kick. As I mentioned in an old post, the dancing scene is based off of poses by Stephen DeStefano... as soon as I saw his drawings I wanted to be the one to direct them, they were hilarious. I directed the dance in a really weird jerky way. hope it was funny!

This episode was a good one to start on. It has one of my favorite lines this season:
"Shit! It's Chuck Scarsdale! Hide or we're gonna be on the news!"

As always, big ups to the board artists and revisionists who give me the gaps to fill in. One love.