Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Erin Esurance Fan Art

I was drawing jump kicks yesterday. I never really did many action poses like these in my comics. That needs to change. That turned into this cause I was talking to Carly about Erin Esurance:

Foreshortening's mad wonky. This time, I did the sketch in Flash, cleanup in Photoshop, vector trace in Illustrator, color in Flash, and then tweaking in Photoshop. Convoluted, but I wanted to do a completely digital drawing because I recently upgraded my setup in anticipation of doing comics/animation again and it was fun. Gave me a lot of ideas for changing the way I do things.
As for Erin herself, not only is it just a great design, the commercials are just fantastic. The designs and staging are always really clear. The animation is efficient- it's almost completely anticipation and reaction shots- sparse, but it doesn't tell more than we need to know. Ghostbot has more Erin stuff. Talented people.


Carly Monardo said...

Looking great!! She'll find herself airbrushed and on a bootleg porn site in no time ;D

daniel said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with an erin esuance fetish. They've been able to make a solid character who is recognizable without having to always wear the same thing or repeat the same poses all the time. I really tend to like stripped down designs where less is more (like the old john allison computer designs) though I know I'll probably never manage to duplicate them.

Andrew J said...

Tell me, what is the benefit of drawing something in flash or illustrator first? I've only ever used photoshop, to varying results, but keep hearing about the others.

jimmynock said...

Hey Ian, Great blog man!!! I am glad you stopped by mine. How are things? Its been a long time.
You are definitely a man on a mission and it looks like things are going well for you. We should do some catching up. I would love to see what your up to.

William said...

Ah, I saw that commercial and I thought to myself, "Jee, this is pretty ocol for a commercial." SOmetimes I voerlook some cool stuff in commercials. Nice drawing, too!

Mo said...

Bravo, nice job on Miss Erin!
It tickles me pink (sorry could not help myself!)
that there is so much love for Erin.
Stay tuned...

Voice of Erin,

Anonymous said...

i was gonna say "that drawing really turns me on,"

but by the anatomically incorrect forshortening of that leg,i changed my mind.

hahahaha...just kidding........not.

Mo said...

Hey Erin Fans!

Mo here voice actress of lil' Miss Erin Esurance.
I just launched my new voice-over site

Feel free to visit & drop me a line.

~Mo Mellady