Friday, May 18, 2007

no mouth and I must scream

the wonders of aaaaaaannnnnimation!

things are progressing slowly. I completed the first episode and now I'm animating the title sequence. The title sequence is going to have actual good animation so it is taking a little longer. Danny is also helping me with some of the animation so you have my word that it will be dope when it's done.

I've got nothing else to post because this project's been taking up all of my free time.

EDIT: actually I lied- RPG World updated earlier this week. It's a two-week long comic story that is new to the internet but old to me. not really a big deal but i guess i should mention it anyway


maverick said...

holy frickin hell.

Did I just see an RPGWorld update?

no...couldn't have.
Wait a second!!

did you see that?

ya...that was a pig...
with wings.

Nick said...

w00t for RPGWorld update!

I also got them new fangled nockFORCE songs on meh iPod.

zwark0 said... crap this dot button is fun.........OMG RPGWORLD UPDATE!!! so it actually DOES have SOME chance of getting finished....riiighhht???!?!

Kelly said...

XDDD Best place I could find to make any sort of comment about RPG World, sorry if it's out of place...

First, thanks for making such a great webcomic ^^ I had tons of fun reading through it a bunch of times, and loved it more each time. I've kept it on my favorites list, just in case, and seeing the updates have made me so happy ^^ Just the possibility that there might be more coming is so great XD

And second, I'm sorry for the abuse you've gotten on the forums and such. I never checked the myself, but from what you said, it sound just horrible. People ragging on you for something as silly as a webcomic are idiots. You really deserve better than those jackasses, who apparently can't appreciate that you made RPG World at all.

So, yeah ^^ It doesn't matter if you end up completing RPG World or not, I'll always love it XD Thanks for making it ^^

Rain_Robinson said...


What you are willing to do is great. Tried emailing you about how much i liked rpg world but I don't know if you ever recieved them.

Still like it lots,


Imp said...


Thank you.

Thank you for the time you put in to making RPGWorld.

I've been a long time fan and have thoroughly enjoyed the story.

I think I voted for cross-dressing Hero in the swimsuit competition, and I'm not embarrassed by that at all.

I was shocked and grieved when Reka was killed.

And I totally fell for the trick where you made it look like Eikre was Galgarion.

I've missed RPGWorld, and somehow haven't had the heart to remove it from my bookmarks of comics. I guess that means I've always hoped you would come back refreshed and ready to finish it.

Whether you come back to it or not, I'll always be grateful for the gift of your time and art you have given us, and for the inspiration you have given me.

Thanks again.

Gilbert Lee said...

nice it's great to see the great web comic rpg world being updated finally.

thank you for starting it back up or at least putting stuff on it again.

your the man lan

ACEmbury said...

Dude, you should just finish RPGW. Seriously, it would not take you too long, you were turning out 3 pages a week at your peak. 6 years spent saying you can't do it, those years could have been spent finishing the comic even just 1 page a week. I know you got things going on in your life but most other artists can juggle personal and professional projects so why can't you, being as good as you are? I am grateful you made RPGW but can you understand why some fans get annoyed (I don't mean the dicks on the forum, I mean the real fans who talk amongst eachother about how they miss it)? You spent all that time advertising RPGW and creating a fanbase and then dropped it cos of a bunch of dicks on the forum. I know you probably won't ever complete it but could you please consider letting an artist/writer team finish it? The true fans who've stuck by all these years deserve it.