Thursday, June 07, 2007

almost there

Getting closer! nockFORCE episode 1 is taking a while to finish, mostly because of the elaborate title sequence. Here's some backgrounds from the episode:

I've been using photos for background reference. I really didn't know how to draw a good building so I had to go out and take pictures of them. I ended up having to re-draw a lot of my backgrounds based on those photos. Buildings are interesting because there's a lot of weird structural things on them that you don't notice. Or at least... I didnt notice them because my method for drawing buildings was to just stack up a bunch of cubes and hope it works.

I never noticed little touches like those things above the windows and such. I should ask my brother the architect what they're called. It looks better anyway I think!

I'll have more updates soon!

PS check out the "Under Construction" image ;D

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