Friday, June 08, 2007


shot's all done!

Funny how just adding a background makes everything look so different.

Someone emailed me about this film I did today and that reminded me that I never posted it here. I present to you George and Ted!

People always thought the "confession" scenes were unfinished... but they were supposed to be like that. My idea was that when cartoon characters aren't "on" and entertaining the cameras, they look all rough and sketchy. But I guess that didnt come across. I should have just colored it. :\


Gilbert Lee said...

well i would like to say this is my first comment to you Mr. Ian J

i am a big supporter of your work in rpg world i was one of the first to see it, it's really awesome really.

and i was up in the forums which was confusing.

anyways i would like to thank you as a fan for continuing your work on rpg world i know you say your not promosing anything, but i wanted to thank you for doing something which is enough...

i am a huge fan of the web comic rpg world and i thank you for keeping me entertain all these years ^^

thank you

Art Sir said...

I didn't make the connection that you wanted to show that when cartoons aren't preforming their sketchy. Maybe just color the backgrounds and fill the characters white that would be kinda cool.

Spanio said...

Reading the newest stuff you've been writing up for the Internet lately makes me think you're... happy? I mean, I don't know you from anywhere, but it seems like your tone changed recently. I won't propose a how or a why, but it's pretty awesome nonetheless.

Also, I'm totally looking forward to NOCKFORCE. On that note, would it be possible for you to share your building references? I'm curious to see how the actual places compare to your drawings.

Patsy said...

looking sweet Ian...the screenshots and the bgs are really awesome...I cant wait to see them in action.