Thursday, June 14, 2007


a lil piece of rough animation from the opening sequence im doin:

my favorite thing about rough animation in flash is that i can copypasta in the cases where I just used to do tracebacks. of course that doesnt really help when doing cleanup, but whatever.

this is the last piece of the puzzle! hopefully it'll be complete this weekend

EDIT: it doesnt really play at 30 fps wtf! oh well hopefully you can still enjoy it... in slow motion


Alden said...

It seems to animate fine here. :)

Danny Hynes said...

This is great Ian. A better job than I would have done for sure. Can't wait to see it all put together. And that page of faces is coming.

Art Sir said...

very cool, i'll be waiting patiently for the new film.

Adam said...

nice! can't wait to watch this shite.

Rade said...

Diggin' the boy and brain sketches!

Let me know when the film drops.

Justin Roth said...

lookin real good ian, cant wait to see the finished film!