Monday, October 20, 2008

deadly assault!

yo... finished a big new nockFORCE, check it:

a few ideas

the devil's in the details i guess... get one angle wrong and it looks more boat than car.

damn i love pans so much. just the planning and the execution is so fun to me

the finished pan.


Andrew J said...

I love that car. I love how it's so 2D, then whips into three quarters.

How long does it take you to do one of these, with the layouts and all?

Anonymous said...

thats dope j-dawg! whats CPR stands for again? XD

Corey said...

I found your blog!

I was just watching all the nockforce vidyas & wanting to see some behind the scenes & sketches & stuff.

I win!

Jeremie said...

It was awesome as always, keep em comin. U should submit on newgrounds, its where i got a bunch of views 4 my stuff, would get alot of hits there im sure~


Kim said...

Excuse me, I loved RPG world and while I'm sad to see you didn't finish it I think I understand that it was something you started and is just beneath your standard of work now. I'd love to have you just tell me what was gonna happen. But more importantly, I just saw that you worked on the Venture Brothers. Good on ya! I adore that show and if that's where you are now I don't blame you for moving on. I'll always love RPGworld but move forward, and don't look back too much.