Thursday, October 02, 2008

corporate art

heya, I havent posted in a lil bit... I'm trying to get things moving on the job front. if you're a young starry-eyed animator in NYC y'all know how it's been. but i got a lil bit of stuff goin and i'm still livin the dream I guess. Also, I'm learning to play harmonica.

luckily, nockFORCE keeps me mad busy. here's a short with the two chuckleheads tryin to sell out:

their pitch hasn't worked for them yet though.

while i'm here, here's a few life drawings:

put your wrists in the air

rev em round like you just don't care

swing your hips like you do when you jog

now look at yall...



Will said...

Ian... the ghost of RPG World will haunt you!

(Unless you give me the password :))

Ned Hugar said...

Thanks for the comment, I think your work is all really great!