Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Family That Slays Together Stays Together

Okay, I been slackin on these Venture Bros updates so here's a massive one for the two-part finale. I'll do a roundup post with all the other episodes of the season soon

/!\ Beware! The post below contains SPOILERS /!\

These episodes were really important because they were the last episodes! The schedule was frought with delays, holdovers and some days where we weren't sure how things would work at all. But hell we made it! and we did an alright job if I don't say so myself.

Molotov and her Blackhearts land. I can't find the drawing of them falling through the air but do you really need it? In the now immortal words of Jackson Publick, "You masturbate enough."

Hank! He's cool and he doesnt take any crap even when there's bullets flying at his head. The chase sequence was fun to direct because Hank's scared and a total smartass at the same time.

Go Fish casting and an explosion! I like explosions very much and drawing them is incredibly fun. More on that later.

This is a mechanical frog tying up Brock. These drawings are crazy off-model but I love drawing that dude's face. There was a criminally short amount of time to show that Brock was being restrained by this frog dealio. When I saw it on TV it came across okay. I wish I could have done more though.

FUN FACT: In scenes I direct where Dr. Venture is onscreen but not talking, I draw him getting bored. He's usually in the background somewhere looking at his watch and rolling his eyes.

SMACK! Dr. Venture and Brock's interrogation was hilarious.

BROCKFACES. Brock's got the best face to draw. It's a complicated, manly face that gives you a lot of options. Most of his acting consists of extreme emotions and broad gestures so he's a lot of fun to draw and direct.

This is Collar, one of the LAPD that interrogates our heroes. Drawings C-2, C-5, C-7 and C-9 were done by Danny Hynes, one of my good friends in the Revisions dept. We went to college together and we're very used to eachother's drawings, so it was a real treat to have him working on the part of production directly preceding mine.

DING DING DING! "Dr. Venture is bored as hell" alert!

Venture Bros. is: a bald madman about to put his knife to Mr. Clean's throat.

Molotov being her normally alluring self in street clothes. The effect isn't quite the same without her normal uniform.

Hank's big speech was a great moment. A lot of the drawings for the boards were done by Stephen DeStefano, a name I seriously can't credit enough. This guy was a hero to guys like me who watched his work on Ren & Stimpy for ages. Getting the chance to work on the same project as him was really enriching. Those Hanks above are just me trying to ape the dude's sense of movement.

Rusty and Hatred swap war stories. A WHOLE LABRADOR RETRIEVER.

Venture Bros is: the excitement that can only be doused by seeing a lifeless clone version of your body fall to the ground in a gory mess.

Here it is: the money shot(at least for me). I love drawing explosions and my direction from Jackson Publick on this one was to "not make it crappy". Explosions are traditionally very difficult to do. Sometimes you draw an explosion and it just looks like a puff of smoke when you get it back from Korea. So I made sure to draw a very detailed explosion that would leave no room for crap. It actually came out a lot different than I expected it to, but Digital Emation did a very good job. The colors came out vibrant and there was constant movement on the dust and flames.

If you look into 21's eyes as he's screaming "24! NOOOOOOOOOO!!", you can see the reflection of the flaming skull of 24 flying closer and closer until BOINK! it hits him in the face. If that isn't the best "super-dramatic moment gets punctuated by cartoonish failure" joke I've ever seen on this show, I dunno what is.

Also: That skull looks an awful lot like The Venture Bros logo... I'm glad they didnt draw that in the real episode.


To wrap things up I just wanna say a thanks to Jackson and Doc for making a great show, and a thanks to World Leaders for having the cajones to employ an inexperienced, second-time director for their flagship series. GO TEAM VENTURE!


Grahamulax said...


But awesome work man. I hope one day I'll be doing something half as good as this show is!

Danny Hynes said...

It makes me sad that we won't be doing this anymore. But I'll still come over and bug you to make sure you draw my characters right. Also, you did an AWESOME job this season. I was consistently blown away at how you kept delivering every time the bar was raised.

Chris Furniss said...

Dude. So I was all totally enjoying me some Venture Bros, savoring the Third Season as I had waited a couple years (for whatever reason) to even start the series. It is quite possibly the most perfectly paced cartoon I have ever seen. I don't want to miss a second of it, including the credits where I saw your name. Strikingly familiar, I thought back about 8 years to my old webcomic days and remembered your name from the fourtoontellers IRC channel. What the hell, internet?! Glad to see you're doing something infinitely more awesome than webcomics these days, man. I totally relate to your sentiments on RPG world about getting burned out, I felt the same way when I got to the end of The Necronomicon. Ive since pursued other things too, but holy crap. Anywho. Venture Brothers is amazing.

Pierce said...

I was browsing around the web, and thought I'd bounce down to another old internet comic I used to read, and see what was going on with the former RPG World artist, and to my surprise, I see one of my favorite shows - Venture Brothers!!! Congrats, and I greatly enjoyed Season 3.

Anonymous said...

Amazing works! You've been very fortunate to work for their studio.

I hope to see more works from you in the future.