Thursday, August 28, 2008

vbros update2

So! Another episode of Venture is going to air soon (it's online HERE)

some stuff from one of my favorite parts.


If the meat of directing are X-sheets, the potatoes are storyboard sketches. Before the animatics are even created, artists draw and painfully revise storyboard panels so theyre perfect and high quality. Storyboard revisions is where the show really comes together.

(If you'd like an example, check out some of the awesome ones that Lauren Monardo did. So dope.)

However, the storyboarders don't get time to add in all of the specific acting or details they want. So it falls on the direction team's shoulders to fill in the gaps. It's fun because there's some overlap. I got to learn a lot just by imitating the board artists.

For this section of storyboard, Alchemist was just standing around. We can't have that! Al is one of my favorite characters. Oh hell, they're ALL my favorites. I got to add in a little more interaction between him and Triana:


Sometimes I got to add little bits of fun business! That's my favorite part. Alchemist (yeah, him again) has to jump over a fence clumsily:

"Alchemist lunges in, jumps off of Brock's hand and smacks into fence"

It makes more sense with the timing, and it's so quick you probably don't even notice it. But it's the kind of move he'd bust.

Sometimes the sketches we'd make would add more work. When storyboards were kind of unspecific, often the direction team (Jennifer Batinich, Kimson "Rotating Nicknames" Albert, my supervisor Nick DeMayo and myself) would sit down and hammer out the solution.

Orpheus' MAGIC CLOAK OF CONCEALMENT!!! was supposed to glow at this one part, but the storyboards didn't make it clear so we decided on the emblem glowing first:

Problem with this, is that this new, glowing emblem didn't exist as a prop. Every prop must be cataloged! I can't just make shit up, you know? For stuff like this I would have to go to Carly Monardo and beg her to make a variation on whatever prop I was screwing up with my direction. A glowy variation, in this case.

Naturally, in the finished episode, it goes by in a flash and you can barely see it. Oh well.

It also had thi-

Th... this isn't what it looks like!


Well, I guess it's in character. See if you can spot it in the show next time you see it.

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