Thursday, August 28, 2008

vbros update 3

Venture Bros DIR. UPDATE number threee + nockFORCE

These blog entry titles were getting a little long, had to trim it down a bit.

Anyway, a new Venture episode has been unleashed upon the public!


Going by the adultswim schedule, the airing order is all mixed up, innit? Well that's because the show was made out of order. But it airs in the right order continuity-wise. So no worries there.

I bring that up because this baby was the first episode I worked on! #27.

I was scared out of my mind, as you might be able to tell my some of the forthcoming drawings. Some of these drawings are... well... less-than-confident. And I'll admit that some of my timing in this episode was pretty off. But things seemed to turn out alright I suppose!

These were the first drawings I did for the show. I didn't really try to embellish the acting that much- I was still too timid. But my next scene assignment forced me to stop being such a baby:

Yo-S-I! One of the highlights in this episode is a hilarious and fast-paced "OSI theme song" sequence. I nearly shat a brick sideways when I found out I had to direct some of it. But it came out okay!!!

This is where I really got into it though: Please enjoy the acting on Shore Leave and his cronies. This storyboard sequence had some amazing drawings done by the art director Stephen DeStefano.

I hope you enjoy the episode!


before I forget, here's a nockFORCE that I never posted here! Enjoy.

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you're rockin it, Mr. IanJ