Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moby- One Time We Lived (music video)

Earlier this year i took a job doing some short animations for Moby with Robert Powers. those seemed to go over well because Moby asked us to return and animate full music videos! This is the one I worked on:

I was tasked with animating the dancing cycles but was given the restriction of making it fit within a more simple, "flash-puppety" style. It was a tight deadline, and doing flash puppets and making them look good is difficult. I'd rather just do new off-model drawings than slide elements around. eventually I ended up just animating the dancing normally and then cleaning them up so that they'd look like flash puppetry. the most fun part of this was animating the transitions between cycles. the face was then just added on top. (i did the lipsync and facial expressions as well)

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