Monday, November 09, 2009

THE VENTURE BROS: Return To Malice

New episode! YEAH!!!! Let's do it!!!

ABOVE: 21's new look! He's still as goony as he used to be but in a big hulking way. I'm all for it!
Dinner conversation at home with the Monarchs.
Hatred's angry about something. Dude's got some real issues. Also there's some bored Doc Venture drawings.
Oh man this scene. It looks kind of weird on air because the underwear that we drew on the boards ended up being very different than the final colored version, so Digital eMation probably had a tough time matching our drawings to the design. Well I just dedicated a lot of thought to a cartoon woman's underwear, thank you i'll be here all week.
FACES!! Faces. Doin' what they want to, accenting dialogue or punctuating a scene. Do you like any of these faces?

Hope you liked the episode. As always big props to the board artists and revisionists. More next week.


Jesse Benjamin said...

Love these drawings. Monarch's face truly repulsed me in this episode. I'm also a huge fan of the fact that 21 is a hulk of a man now, but still completely inept and more often than not, walking into coffee tables and pretending his hand is a gun.

Was curious if you and the VB animation team were aware of the disappearing wine glass in the opening scene between the Monarchs?

Ian Jones-Quartey said...

Thanks for the compliments!

As for the wine glass... if you ever notice something like that, likely it was because we have to scour the entire board for any movable object and make sure it has a visible annotation of a unique reference number that tells the overseas team to draw a specific design. Sometimes we miss things and then they don't show up! And a wizard did it.

Ben said...

I like all of those faces.

I'm loving all these posts on the VB eps. It's great the powers that be don't mind you posting this behind the scenes material, or maybe they do. . .

Anonymous said...