Monday, November 16, 2009

THE VENTURE BROS: The Revenge Society

Let's go! Yeah! Let's do it! Phantom Limb's getting his revenge this week! Revenge!

Best thing about council of 13 scenes: they're silhouettes! all you gotta do is "head tilt left" and "head nods" and stuff. Until the lights turn on and the dudes get clotheslined. Ouch!

FIGHT SCENE! This part went by quick but this move was cool right? I hope so! I drew these poses for it!

We usually shy away from those corny too-much-anticipation-animationy-Don Bluthesque-"acting" poses but Sgt. Hatred's personality calls for them. Jennifer Batinich Martinez-Joffre (one of the other animation directors, and newly married!!) animated the best Hatred stuff in the past so I look to her scenes for reference.

Some Hanks! Trying my hardest to make him angsty and rebellious.

MISC! Two heads ARE better than one!

as always, super props to the board artists and revisionists. on the shoulders of giants.

Hope you liked the ep! YEAH! VENTURE BROS!