Monday, December 07, 2009


Okay so we're back after a lil hiatus. LET'S GO!

First up, some Orpheus. He's been scarce this season but finally we get to draw him! Here he is, putting one of those tall candles in the ground. Also Triana.

Publick acted out those top three drawings for me, it was hilarious. I tried to make the facial expressions wide-eyed instead of seductive. The Master is just having fun. And teaching O a valuable lesson.

Teleportation effects! Yeah!! They look badass!!

Until they fall on their face!

Misc. bits and pieces.

Hope you enjoyed the episode!!! Storyboard artists and revisionists pulled thru bigtime as always, there's some really good effects and monsters and all that fun stuff.


Ben said...

oh wooowwee... those pages of boob bouncing should be made into a flip book... so i could flip them... uhhh.. ok

Papageiena said...

Dude, this was an outstanding episode! The Cthullu beast was amazing and the designs get better and better as the series goes on. :) (Well done with the boobie stuff too. Is that what boys would do if they had C-cups? Never occurred to me to do that. If anything, I'm always trying to get them to not do that.)

Ian Jones-Quartey said...

thanks ben!

Papageiena: glad that boob stuff worked for you, i was very nervous about the timing of that scene!

You're right, the design team did an amazing job as usual. The guy who designed the Cthulhu is Martin Wittig. check out his stuff here:

Ben said...

Great episode. I was pysched to see the Triad back- and to see a reference to Matthew Lesko.

The Master scene was fantastic, seems like a lot of fun to work out.