Monday, December 14, 2009

THE VENTURE BROS: Pinstripes and Poltergeists

Whaaaat? Season Finale already? That doesn't make sense at all, how can this be the Season Finale!? Oh. That's because it's not. It's just the end of the first "half". Half. Half-season. Half-Season Finale.

Whaaaat? Half-Season Finale already? No time to waste let's do this thing!

Bored Monarchs.

There's a crazy part in this episode that I don't have any drawings of- I directed a sequence with the Monarch-mobile flying around and stuff. And eMation made the vehicle CG! What!!! That was crazy! I should just start putting notes like "please make this CG and really awesome" on the X-Sheets somewhere.

Now here's some sarcastic Monarchs.
Dr. Girlfriend and 21.
Henchman Eye Theory:
No floating eyebrows!! This aint Garfield.
Mask eyeholes changing shape = yes!
Brow-indents and stress marks around the eyeholes = OK!
Blinking eyeholes = surprisingly yes, this is ok sometimes. I know, weird right?

Hm... ok really it's just floating eyebrows that are verboten I guess. Well that's an important rule.

Okay! Hope you enjoyed this ep! It was pretty great I think. As always, credit to the many writers, designers, storyboard artists, revisionists, colorists, background artists, and everyone else who's work I piggyback off of. Also the three other animation directors(Kimson Jen and Nick) who I split this job with.

Also this is the second time I've mentioned this but you should check out Shivers DeStephano's blog to see what the full boards look like if you haven't already.

It's been a fun half-season. If I have the time I'll def try to do this for the back eight.



That was a super awesome episode.

You guys really did an ace job on it.

I can't wait to see the rest of the season!

Papageiena said...

OUTSTANDING EPISODE! Who boarded the Brock v. 21 fight? Brief, but it's up there with Grandpa/Huey/Riley v. Posessed Tom. I'm never going to stop loving Brickshithouse 21, and his whole bit with Dr. Mrs. the Monarch was hysterical! And new floating Monarch-Mobile was gorgeous.

More gushing when I'm not so tired, but you guys laid waste to this episode. I loved it! Can't wait to see the back eight! You rock, Ian!

Ian Jones-Quartey said...

That Brock/21 fight was spectacularly boarded by Pat McEown, an absolutely amazing artist who's worked in comics for ages and done storyboards for lots of great shows. He also boarded the Cthulu scenes in "The Better Man". His boards are an absolute pleasure and privilege to work on top of.

more about him here:

Claire said...

Excellent episode--so many things I loved. To name a few:
Monstroso's devil cap that ties under his chin
21 and 24!
21 holding his own against Brock
21 and Dr. Mrs. Monarch with 24's taunting
The Monarch mobile not actually landing

Thanks for sharing the "Henchman Eye Theory." If one overthought it, it'd seem unrealistic, but I've always accepted it as part of their expressiveness.

I'd say The Monarch's eyebrows--my faves--are the antithesis of floating eyebrows.